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FAQs For Tennis Care Pros & Challengers

1a. You have to send us proof of level by showing a current (not older than 18 months) singles league record on the level you are applying for.
1b. You can send any league record or coaching license copies to or by mail service as well. 
1c. We will grant you a level without going through our Challenge System if you have a current PTR or USPTR coaching license. The level will be determined by the license level itself.
1d. If you do not have documentation, you must go through our Challenge System.
2a. You need to win four matches total within two months against four different Tennis Care Pro opponents (the Pro opponents must all be ranked on the same level). We expect you to win at least two out of four challenges for this period of time. You can challenge players in different markets as long as they are on the same level.
2b. Another option is for you to win four matches total within two months by playing against both Tennis Care Pro opponents and playing on your USTA tournament or tennis league draw. You should win at least two Challenge Matches with us and another two on your USTA tournament or tennis league draw.
2c. The Tennis Care Pro will report the match scores to Tennis Care.
You must enter and follow the Challenger System, playing against Tennis Care Pros until you have satisfied the requirements to be validated at the higher ranking. Once you have achieved the requisite number of matches won at this level, send an email to Tennis Care at We will review your match scores and notify you once your new ranking has been validated.
Get familiar with the challenge rules on our web site before scheduling your match. Please remember there are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for withdrawals after Challenge Matches are scheduled!
If we don’t have four different players available for challenge on your level, you should play an USTA tournament and send us the match record. Or you can play one season on the desired level in an Ultimate Tennis league and show us the record. We expect to see you win at least two out of four matches on your level if you are playing tournaments or in a singles league.


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