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FAQs For Junior Players

In case of injuries or other schedule conflicts that prevent juniors from playing challenge matches, we will reward the player one (1) point for arranging someone else (Sub) to play the match instead. The Sub has to be in "active" ladder status and ranked below you whenever the challenge was accepted! Players that are outside of the ladder can be brought in only if they enter the ladder and become active. If the Sub wins your match, you will receive two (2) points. If the Sub loses, you still get one (1) point.
The challenged player has the advantage to choose the court for the match. However, they are responsible for bringing new balls for the match.
Players in the age 10-14 ladder can play with orange, green dot or yellow balls. Players in the age 15-18 ladder can only use yellow balls. The challenged player keeps the balls after the match. The younger player decides what type of balls will be used in the age 10-14 age group.
Please make sure that there is an active ladder in close proximity to your home tennis courts or residence before signing up your juniors to compete. The point of the Ladder is to minimize driving and to accommodate the players locally.


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