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FAQs For Players

1a. Determine your skill level in tennis by checking the description of levels on our web site. If you’re still not sure, request a one hour verification session by emailing
1b. Secure a tennis court for 2 hours minimum at the desired time and location. Please refer to our court requirements and rules!
1c. Reserve a player on our web site by desired skill level and availability who meets your availability schedule and expectations for level.
1d. Email us with any specific information what our player needs to know before the match session. If this is a private court, please provide access and directions to our player to avoid delays!
The same rules and same prices by level will apply as on a singles match. Please note that you can’t use our players to win tournament matches or competitive matches in another league.
Check on our website if we have players on the level you need to play at the new location and book them like you do on your home courts! Enjoy the workout and the possibility to improve even when far from home.
If it is a Challenge Match, our Pro will play until it is done and the score has to be reported. If this is a practice session and our Pro doesn't have another match in the area, it is totally up to him to play extra time!
All match sessions are two hours. Even if you have played only one hour and stopped, credit is not due. However, if the Tennis Care Pro agrees, you can play longer than two hours without extra charges.


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